Vanessa A/P Santhakumar

Non-Independent Non-Executive Director

Vanessa A/P Santhakumar, a Malaysian female, aged 29, is the Non-Independent Non-Executive Director of the Company. She was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Company on 21 August 2020 and is a member of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee.

She graduated from Oxford Brookes University, UK with a Bachelor of Medical Science in 2013 and subsequently completed her Master of Public Health in 2014 from Warwick University, UK, and Master of Science International Health Policy from London School of Economics and Political Science, UK in 2016.

Since graduating in 2013, Ms. Vanessa has worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers (Malaysia), The Boston Consulting Group (Malaysia), McCann Health (UK), and has been involved in research work focused on issues relating to women and youth within Asian and African countries. In 2017, she joined Novo Nordisk and worked across marketing, corporate affairs and market access departments in Malaysia, Denmark and Mexico, specializing in diabetes and obesity therapy areas. Currently, Ms. Vanessa is a Value and Access Manager at Novartis Oncology.

Ms. Vanessa is the daughter of the late Datuk Santhakumar Sivasubramaniam, the co-founder of the Company. She was also the co-promoter of the Company at the time of listing of the Company on the ACE Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad on 10 August 2016. Other than the Company, she is not a Director of any other public company or listed issuer.

She has no conflict of interest with the Group and has no family relationship with any Director and/or major shareholder of the Group. She has not been convicted of any offence (other than traffic offence, if any) within the past 5 years nor any public sanction or penalty imposed by regulatory bodies during the financial year.

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