Project Management

We are also involved in the provision of project management and construction management services. We have diversified project experiences and are able to undertake and cater for a wide array of sectors. All project management solutions are tailor made to best suit each project, thus producing efficient and effective results.

For each project, we  will assemble a dedicated project management team to oversee and manage the execution of the project.  We provide a total project management solution from pre-implementation to completion phase, including turnaround management solutions for projects which are under performing.

The scope of project management services provided by us throughout a typical project cycle is as detailed below:

Preliminary Planning

Upon acceptance of the project, the dedicated project management team will work closely with the client on the project master plan which includes the conceptualisation of the project and the budget allocated.


Budget Assessment and Project Cost Evaluation

The project management team assist the client in maintaining control over the project’s overall cost by preparing cost estimates which are in turn, closely monitored and updated (if necessary) throughout the period of the project till completion. A project cost report is submitted to the client at agreed intervals indicating actual or estimated costs against the construction budget.


Specification and Procurement

Based on the project master plan, the scope of services required will be prepared and suitable contractors, consultants and suppliers are identified to be invited for bidding. The project management team will evaluate all bids received and make recommendations to the client based on the bidding company’s quality of work, bidding price and the track record. It will be at the client’s sole and absolute discretion to accept or reject any recommendations made by the project management team.

Project Scheduling and Administration

The project management team will provide administrative, management, and related services to facilitate coordination of the work between all parties. A project schedule is created based on each party’s scope of services and the targeted completion date. The team will setup an effective communication system to allow clear communication between all parties involved. The project management team will monitor and supervise the progress of the project to ensure that the project is completed according to the project schedule and specifications.   The project schedule will be regularly updated as and when the need arises or at agreed intervals. The project management team will use tools and methods such as the Gantt chart to efficiently draw up the project schedule.


Value Engineering

Using the design report obtained from all parties, the project management team will perform a value engineering analysis to minimise project cost and maximise efficiency. This is performed on all levels of the design from the positioning of utilities to the materials used during construction work.


Safety Programs

The project management team will design a safety program which conforms to the related law and regulations. Each process and works done during the construction will be studied to identify the potential hazards and dangers. Proper safety measures will be implemented to minimize the dangers to any personnel.

Document Review and Material Testing

All documents submitted by contractors, consultants and suppliers which include drawings, product data, samples and other submissions will be reviewed by the project management team. The materials specified in the document will also be reviewed by the project management team through means of material testing to ensure that all information, description and particulars are consistent with those specified in the contract.


Project Handover

In consultation with the client and any other relevant party(ies), the project manager will determine the time at which each phase is completed, upon which appropriate completion certificate (if any) will be issued. Where necessary, a list of defective / outstanding works will be prepared, and the project manager will monitor to ensure that the same are completed within the agreed period.


Asset and Facility Management

Our deliverables also includes  asset and facility management services after the completion of a project. The project management team will be able to assist the client in the management and maintenance of their assets and facilities, providing efficient building management while ensuring that the asset/facility is well taken care of.

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