Construction Supervision

In providing construction supervision services we seek to ensure, inter alia, the following:

  • Works performed are in compliance with the approved drawings and specifications, and the prescribed guidelines;
  • Work completion and handover is done in accordance with the agreed work programme / implementation schedule; and
  • Monitoring the construction process to ensure that the project cost is in accordance with the approved budget


The scope of construction supervision services provided by us is as detailed below:

Quality and Safety
  • Inspect (including sampling, checking, and testing) all materials and workmanship to ensure that the completed works comply with the approved drawings and specifications. Report and monitor the remedial of any defects or deficiencies, including result of quality control tests.
  • Monitor all personnel on site to ensure compliance to the prescribed safety and environment policy / programs that is implemented;
  • Ensure all works is performed in accordance with the prescribed guidelines and policies to minimise inconvenience to the public within the affected areas;
  • Collect information on daily labour and equipment utilisation; and
  • Make recommendations to the client for any changes to the approved drawings, specifications and/or work programme/implementation schedule which will benefit the client or the project.
Work Progress, Finance and Coordination
  • Monitor , supervise and report on progress of all works at agreed intervals;
  • Liaise with all relevant authorities and government agencies, whenever necessary;
  • Coordinate activities of all the contractors and other parties which may be working within the same vicinity or location;
  • Report on critical issues and any causes of delay, and recommend remedial / mitigating steps;
  • Assess any request for extension of time by contractors and make recommendation to the client;
  • Advise the client of any requirement for a variation including any potential incremental costs;
  • Check and verify quantities of accepted works for preparation of certification in respect of any payment due;
  • Issue Take-Over Certificate and Certificate of Completion and Compliance;
  • Prepare list of defective works and outstanding works, and ensure all are completed within the agreed period; and
  • Vet through the final account prepared by the contractors before certification by the client.
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