Milau Dam is one of the main components of Kudat Water Supply Milau Scheme which is a design and build project implemented by the Government of the State of Sabah through Jabatan Air Sabah. The other main components of Milau Scheme comprise treatment works with capacity of 55 Mld, intake works, balancing and service reservoirs, water transmission and distribution pipelines.

Kudat District is one of the three districts in Kudat Division. It is located in the north-west of Sabah State and comprises the Kudat peninsula and some islands. The project area of Milau Scheme covers only the peninsula within Kudat District.

Sg Milau is the stream with the largest catchment in Kudat Peninsula. Rainfall at the catchment area is normally concentrated within 3 to 4 months of a year with heavy precipitation but for the remaining period, the area could be extremely dry until the flow in the river recedes totally. A dam is necessary to provide the required storage to ensure the reliability of long term water supply requirement.



Campo Sdn Bhd &

Government of Sabah



2003 - 2008


Our Role

Engineering Design & Construction Supervision



Kudat, Sabah, Malaysia

Scope Of Work

Feasibility Study

Engineering Design

Construction Supervision

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