“Seamless Integrated Connectivity Between Communities”

More than 3,000 km track length of railways.

HSS has designed more than 3,000 km length of track comprising of heavy and light rail systems, guideways and commuter rail. It has in its portfolio the full spectrum of transit facilities: numerous tunnels, bridges, bus shelters, intermodal terminals, transit maintenance facilities and transit stations throughout this region. The Railway Division which began in the mid-1990s has grown exponentially throughout the years and its dominance in the railway sector can be seen from Prasarana’s engagement of HSS as the detailed design and supervision consultant for the civil and systems works for Ampang LRT and its role as the Independent Consulting Engineers for the Mass Rapid Transit Project, Line 1 and Line 2, serving the Klang Valley region mostly from Sg Buloh to Kajang and Sg Buloh to Putrajaya. We believe we are on the right track in as we have always kept abreast of the latest technology and solutions in rail engineering especially in deployment of environmentally friendly systems and sourcing power from renewable sources, moving towards digital railways and the use of driverless systems and in achieving greater integration between railways, waterways and airport links.

Services Offered
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Pavement Engineering
  • Project Identification and Assessment of Needs
  • Location Studies including land and geotechnical survey
  • Technical and Engineering Feasibility
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Economic and Financial Appraisals
  • Preliminary and Detailed Design Value
  • Engineering Specification and Procurement
  • Contract Documentation and Administration
  • Project Scheduling Material
  • Testing and Inspection
  • Quality Control and Construction
  • Supervision Cost and Budget Control
  • Total Project Management



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