Highways & Roads

“Connecting Communities through Sustainable Road and Highway Networks”

More than 4,000 km of roads/highways and expressways 

At HSS, we recognize that a nation’s Transportation Infrastructure is one of the vital catalyst for economic and national growth and highways, roads and bridges being a pivotal part of this segment need to be constructed, expanded, rehabilitated and upgraded to strengthen the existing infrastructure.

Furthermore, we understand that the key issues in the future for transportation would be emphasis on ensuring that new highways minimise their environment footprint; advances in pavement design that increase pavement life; road safety; advances in asset management technology, real time capture and analysis of traffic date to name a few.

Accordingly we at HSS, provide a holistic approach and solution to both the government and private sectors by providing strategic planning and construction methods, the latest technology in the engineering field and advocating the different modes of project financing.

Services Offered
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Pavement Engineering
  • Project Identification and Assessment of Needs
  • Location Studies including land and geotechnical survey
  • Technical and Engineering Feasibility
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Economic and Financial Appraisals
  • Preliminary and Detailed Design Value
  • Engineering Specification and Procurement
  • Contract Documentation and Administration
  • Project Scheduling Material
  • Testing and Inspection
  • Quality Control and Construction
  • Supervision Cost and Budget Control
  • Total Project Management


Highways & Roads

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