HSS ProPick, which carries the legacy of its parent company Propicture Media Resources, are pioneers in creating Digital Art, Content. Right Content at a right place creates history and makes news. People who are in news, have the potential to rewrite the history.

On that note, HSS Propick Technologies Sdn. Bhd. (aka HSS ProPick) has emerged as an extended arm to Propicture Media resources.

HSS ProPick makes Digital Transformation adoption process seamless to the masses. Our state-of-art technology, highly skilled and experienced workforce, Ground-breaking technology driven solutions through extensive R&D work in our laboratory, sets a new scale in this contemporary digital era.

While our Solutions bring positive revenue impacts to the Enterprises and SME’s, our Skill building programs helps Malaysian youth and COVID Impacted individuals, firms to upskill their current capabilities to meet the future market needs in shaping them up with Digital Technopreneur Skills. (More – HSS Propick Website)

HSS ProPick Technologies Sdn. Bhd.

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