Corporate Social Responsibility

Recognising that people drive our business, we emphasized the importance of continuous human capital development to achieve our sustainable business growth. We promote lifelong learning and professional development by continuously investing in our workforce and provide access to learning through various platforms including local and international trainings.

Training & Development

In the case of MRT Line 2, our employees have the opportunity to undergo an intensive training in Infrastructure & Systems for period between 24 to 48 months in the line of work.

As a responsible corporate citizen, we continue to play our role to attract & train future Malaysian talent in the field of engineering. To this cause, we have formed strategic partnership with numerous universities below to provide internships at HEB.

  University Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN)   University Malaysia Pahang (UMP)
  University Teknologi Mara (UTM)   University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UNITAR)
  University of Nottingham Malaysia   Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur
  University Technology Petronas (UTP)   Universiti Putra Malaysia
  University Malaya   SEHI college Malaysia
  Monash University of Malaysia   INTI
  Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)   XIAMEN University Malaysia

MOUs were also signed between HEB and several universities to establish strategic partnership and collaborations to enable university students to gain industry experience in real life working settings to complement their studies.

Xiamen University Malaysia (XMUM)

Xiamen University Malaysia (XMUM)

University Malaysia Sabah (UMS)


Indian Institute Of Technology Bombay (IITB)


Professional Training and Education for Growing Entrepreneurs (PROTEGE)

HEB has initiated a Professional Training and Education for Growing Entrepreneurs (PROTÉGÉ) programme to undertake our long-standing commitment towards growing the Malaysian talent pool. Launched in 2019, PROTÉGÉ is under the purview of the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Corporation (MEDAC).

It is a 12-month programme that blends intensive soft skills classroom training and on-the-job training opportunities, offering practical skills and real-life experiences to a build strong foundation for engineers.

To date, we have fifteen (15) protégés in various divisions across technical and non-technical departments.

We will continue to strengthen our talent pool to help us gain an advantage in the industry while helping our employees to grow, develop and reach their full potential.

HEB Community Blood Donation Drive

Thursday, 2 November 2023, 10.00am to 4.00pm
HSS Engineers Berhad, Ground Floor Lounge

HSS Engineers Berhad, in collaboration with Pusat Darah Negara (PDN), organised a community blood donation drive that welcomed participation from HEB personnel and the surrounding community on 2 November 2023. Aligned with our commitment to corporate social responsibility, HEB recognises the pivotal role our business plays in fostering a positive societal impact. One of the most influential avenues through which we can achieve this is by endorsing and facilitating blood donation. (Read more)

Corporate Social Responsibility

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